Breeze Pro Strawberry Cream

Breeze Pro Strawberry Cream – A Custard-Inspired Vape With Sweet Strawberry Flavor

Breeze Pro Strawberry Cream is a custard-inspired vape that’s packed with sweet strawberry flavor. You’re going to love how creamy it tastes!

Featuring a 1000mAh battery, an improved 6mL capacity with 5% salt nicotine, and premium mesh coils, this disposable vape delivers an unrivaled experience in a small package. It also comes in a 0% nicotine version for those who don’t want any addictive chemicals in their treat.


The Breeze Pro Strawberry Cream is a custard-inspired vape with sweet strawberry flavor. It’s a refreshing and creamy vape that will have you coming back for more.

Anejo: Reminiscent of your favorite energy drink, this flavor is perfect for the vaper who likes to live on the edge. It’s a perfectly balanced blend of sweet and tart that will keep you coming back for more.

Banana Mint: Breeze Pro’s Banana Mint is a flavor that feels exactly like you’d expect; it has a delicious custardy banana blended with menthol for a cool, refreshing mix you won’t forget.

Banana Mint

Breeze Pro Strawberry Cream fills your senses with the fresh, sweet taste of creamy bananas and a cool, refreshing mint cloud. This flavor is perfect for vapers who enjoy a fruity and minty blend of flavors.

Blue Raspberry

Featuring the best of both worlds, the Breeze Pro combines a tobacco-less cig-alike with a mind-blowing array of flavors that will keep your taste buds and senses guessing. It’s a pod-based device that can produce 800 puffs of five percent nicotine salt e-liquid with a sleek and slim profile.

Cherry Lemon

The sweet cherry and the tart citrus of lemon make a perfect marriage for this scrumptious flavor. Refreshingly crisp like freshly sliced lemons and cherries, it’s ideal for those who love the sour taste of fruit but still want a bit of sweetness.

Strawberry Cream is a custard-inspired vape with sweet strawberry flavor, so go ahead and vape this up as soon as you get it; you’ll love how creamy it tastes!

Grape Soda

Breeze Pro Strawberry Cream is a custard-inspired vape flavor that will make you wish you could eat a bowl of strawberries and a dollop of sweet cream right now. The tangy taste of strawberries and the juicy flavor of watermelon combine to create this scrumptious concoction!

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