Raw Pre-Rolled Cone Tips

If you enjoy hand rolled cones, Raw Cone Tips are the perfect accessory for you. These curved tips feature a “W” shape that filters out bits of herbs and make rolling easy!

These RAW cone tips are made from natural, unbleached paper and are chlorine and chemical free. They’re also vegan friendly.

RAW Original Tips

RAW Original Tips are crafted from long fibres that roll up smooth and have enough structural integrity to hold their shape even when wet. They are a perfect fit for your smoking cones and enhance filtration for smoother, more enjoyable smoking experiences. These cone shaped tips are available in a matchbox style box with 20 tips per pack, and come with the convenience of pre-rolled filters that make hand-rolled cones even easier to make!

Raw Maestro Cone Tips are a little softer than the standard RAW Perfecto tip and feature perforations for extra support. They are also cut longer to make trick rolling a breeze. These are a great choice for advanced rollers who want to get creative and try new tricks. They’re larger than the standard RAW Perfecto tip, and offer 32 leaves of curved, perforated hemp filters. This cone tip is designed for a specific type of smoker with particular tastes. It may feel like it was invented just for you!

RAW Maestro Tips

Designed for the serious cone smoker, Raw Maestro Cone Tips use RAW’s softer textured paper with perforations to provide extra support and make trick rolling easy. They are the largest of the cone tips in the RAW lineup and are larger than their standard RAW Perfecto tip counterparts.

The Raw Cone Tips Maestro are a great way to make your smoking experience more enjoyable. They feature 32 leaves of curved, perforated hemp paper. The curved design helps to improve the smoke quality and makes it easier to roll your own cone. They are made to the same high standard and contain the same natural unbleached chemical and chlorine free fibres that you see in all of RAW’s other products. They’re the best cigarette tips around, and a must have for your collection. The best part is that they’re a lot cheaper than their other conical cousins! They come in a box of 21. The box contains the RAW Maestro Tip, a rolled up cone, and a booklet with information about the different types of cone tips on offer.

RAW Perfecto Tips

RAW is a name synonymous with top notch tobacco and herb paraphernalia and their cone tips are no exception. Designed to make rolling a smoother, more enjoyable experience, these connoisseur grade cones are sure to please the most discriminating smoker. These hand-rolled gizmos are crafted from the finest hemp and cotton paper, and are made in Bali using a patented process that ensures each tip has the perfect roundness and finish.

One of the best things about these connoisseur sized elongated cones is the fact that they’re easy to store and transport. For this reason, they’re a staple in any rolling enthusiast’s home or office. They also come in the form of a nifty kit containing all the elements you’ll need to make your own quality, hand-rolled smokes. From pre-rolled cones to the most stylish reusable trollies you’ll ever see, Raw has your back when it comes to helping you enjoy your smokes in style.

RAW Pre-Rolled Cone Tips

Pre-Rolled Cone Tips are a must have for smokers who love hand-rolled cones. They prevent soggy, sloppy cigarette ends and save your herbs from being wasted!

These RAW cone tips are made from unbleached and chemical-free paper and come in a handy matchbox-style box. Each box contains 21 pre-rolled filter tips that you can use with your Roll A Cone to roll perfect cones every time!

Raw Original Tips are meticulously crafted from naturally unrefined long fibres, making them smooth to roll and have enough structural integrity to maintain their shape and rigidity even when wet.

Maestro Cone Filter Tips are a bit longer and softer than RAW Original tips, but with the same quality paper that you know and love from RAW. They have extra perforations that help maintain their shape and stability even when wet, while being slightly textured to provide an improved smoking experience.

These Cone tips are also perforated to make rolling your preferred inside shape (“Z” or “W”) easier as well! Whether you’re a novice or a pro, these cone tips are the perfect addition to any smoker’s kit.

Raw Pre-Rolled Cone Tips
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