Strawberry Mango Iced by Cloud Nurdz

Cloud Nurdz Iced Strawberry Mango is a premium e liquid that takes the sweet flavor of strawberries and mangoes to a whole new level. This fusion is sure to satisfy your cravings and make you come back for more.

Founded in 2016, Cloud Nurdz is one of the top vape juice brands in the industry. It has a team of mixologists that strives to create a variety of fascinating vape juice blends.


Cloud Nurdz Iced Strawberry Mango is a tropical flavor that combines mouthwatering strawberries with the exotic juiciness of mangos. It’s a delicious pairing that you will love to vape all day long.

The sweet berry and tart citrus candy flavors are complemented by a chilling menthol finish to satisfy your sweet tooth. It is one of the best flavored e liquids from Cloud Nurdz and is available in several strengths to choose from.

This brand is a favorite for many vapers and has earned its reputation by creating incredible vapor blends with two-flavor combinations that have captured the tastes of thousands all over the world. With a collection of fascinating vape juice blends that utilize fruit and candy flavors, Cloud Nurdz is sure to be an all-time favorite!

Vape Juice

Cloud Nurdz Iced Strawberry Mango contains a deliciously fruity mix of strawberries and mangoes that you’ll love to vape all day long. You’ll get a sweet inhale of strawberries and a juicy exhale of mangos with a cool touch of menthol on every puff.

Known throughout the vaping industry, Cloud Nurdz Eliquid is a leading brand that provides quality vape juice blends.

The iced Strawberry Mango vape juice by Cloud Nurdz is one of the most delicious flavors to come from this line of vapor products. It combines juicy strawberries and exotic succulent mangos with a well-rounded candy taste that will have you coming back for more.


The newest flavor from this renowned brand, Cloud Nurdz Iced Strawberry Mango features a sweet duet of strawberry and mango frozen by chilling menthol. This smooth-hitting e-liquid is available in 100ML bottles with a variety of nicotine levels including 0MG, 3MG and 6MG.

Strawberry Mango Iced by Cloud Nurdz
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